Thursday, October 13, 2011

Windows XP Pro Tweaks and Tips

Before Windows Vista came along, most individuals – home users and professionals alike – used

Windows operating systems have registries which logs and saves data on all of your PC and Internet activities. If you are very competent, you can directly edit the registry. To do this, Click on the Start menu, choose Run and then type regedit.exe. This command will bring you to the Registry Editor. But before you do anything to your registry, you should back it up first. You can cause serious damage by simply deleting or altering one file. So make sure you can also go back to the unedited registry.

If emptying the Recycle Bin every so often is much of a hassle for you, you can permanently delete a file without making it pass through the Recycle Bin. Simply press and hold down the Shift key when you delete a file. A confirmation will be prompted, choose yes to permanently delete your chosen file.

To increase PC performance, you can also set some programs as a priority when you are multitasking and using multiple programs simultaneously. To do this, press and hold down control alt delete to go to the task manager. Go to the Processes tab and choose a program you want to prioritize, right-click the highlighted program and choose the “set priority” option. Setting a priority higher than usual will make the particular program steal CPU time from other running programs.

These Windows XP Pro tweaks should be used with caution as to avoid causing unnecessary damage to your computer.

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