Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Windows network server - Configuration of windows server

Windows network server is the computer that servers as the central point for initializing, terminating and sending the email messages, file sand various kind of data to all the network computer. Windows network server is one which supports all the versions of Microsoft windows fulfilling the entire professional and legal requirement. The manufacturer of windows have design different versions of the windows network server each with the different managing and network capabilities.
How windows network server works.
Windows network server works like all the serves. But the main thing is that windows network server is only compatible with the al the version and revised edition of Windows NT, Xp, Xp professional and vista. It requires some kind of network and control configurations to work properly and smoothly for the purpose of communication.

Configuring Windows Network server
The simplest and poorest method for configuring the windows network server is to use the network access technique or NAT setup in reverse order. But this involves hundreds of risk that may affect and damage the data wile communication. According to he standard configuration port redirection is not necessary which need following steps that must be performed to install and configure the windows network server.

Installation of windows network server
  1. The very first step in installation the window network server is to plan the whole installation, which version you are going g to install such as windows server 2003, 2000 or 2008.this will help you locate the exact configuration strategy and also helps in solving the problem or error that may occur during the installation. You must choose the server version according got ether requirement and your system restriction.
  2. After choosing the version checks out for your system compatibility and requirements. Hardware and software compatibility is very important keep in mind that windows network server are not compatible with any other operating system other than windows. Another important factor before installing the server is to check the hardware partitions. this is an important requirement to see that  what memory portion is best for the windows server and also for checking the required space on hard disks
  3. Then you need to choose the appropriate file systems. There are may file systems that supports the installation such as FAT, NTFS and Fat 32.
  4. File system determination of file system choose the appropriate domain or certain specified workgroup ton proceed the installation.
  5. The installation process starts here. check out for all the pre lists and starts the installation process and click next tab to complete the installation process
  6. Windows network server will be installed close the dialog box prompting the successful installation.

Configuration of Windows Network server
For configuring the windows network server support document is provide with every software Cd. you need a base configuration  that involve virtual machines complete detail is provide with software in the form of document .Following are the simple steps for configuring the network server.

  1. After installation open add /remove programs option from the control panel to see the installed windows network server. This can be seen also buy checking out the connection icon in the task bar or also with the help of start menu’s new program install message.
  2. Select the management tools and click the detail tab for monitoring the server.
  3. Choose the network monitor option from the tool box and click ok tab.
  4. The next program will automatically select the installed version of the windows network server.
  5. The configuration for the Microsoft windows network server gets complete here. All the basic versions of the windows network server support all the data frames which also include the property for sending the sms.

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