Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Next Gernation Networks

Next Gernation Networks

It is the type of technology that is developed for the future use and it is literally defined as the technology that is developed to explain the evolution in the different types of old or the previous technologies such as telecommunication services and also deals with the access points. These technologies would be developed on the basis of the technologies that are more then five years back. Basically the main purpose of developing such technology is that we can easily transfer the information of all kinds with the help of single technology and within no time. On the whole it is the combination of all the technologies that are used to transporting data. It is referred to as Next Generation Networks and it is denoted by NGN.

Features of Next Generation Networks:

As this technology is the evolution of the different types of communication technologies so it has many important features that are really beneficial of the new technologies. Some of them are as follows
  1. It can able to transport all type of data such as voice communication, data transfer and also deals with different types of video technologies
  2. As next generation network is the fusion technology so, it can provide high speed communication services related to networking.
  3. This technology provide the generalized mobility to the old system and advance its working properties
  4. As a number of protocols are involved in the working of the next generation networks so it can also provide interoperability where required.
  5. It can provide different types of security features for the users to avoid the access of the restricted networking areas and prevent the whole networking system from unauthorized access.
Next Generation Networks Architecture:

Next generation networks are arranged in a very different manner as compared to other networking technologies. The particular architecture of the next generation networks based on the telephony in different steps such as different types of networking protocols are used to separate the different components of the telephony and all are treated then separately. The whole architecture of the next generation networks are based on the different components, the main components are as follows; application servers, servers providing the media which are also called as circuits, the gateways of the media and the soft switch. These four components of the architecture deals with the whole next generation network architecture and also used to improvising the signaling properties of the servers.

Components of Next Generation Networks:
                                                             There are different components on which the working of the technology based. Te most important component on which it is based is the internet. Some of the important components of internet ion which next generation networks are based are given below
  1. internet protocols
  2. session initiation protocols
  3. Multi protocol
Other then the internet components it has also some other components such as softswitch, it is that type of component that is required to control or transport the voice calls related to the IP also called as VoIP. It is programmable and can operate easily. Another important component of the next generation networks is the gatekeeper, it is that type of device he is used to covert the analog or the digital signals into the data packets for transmission, it can also manage e working of all the gateways take part in the working.
Why Next Generation Networks are important?
                                                                     Next generation networks are important because they can provide us the way to expand the traffic of digital or the analog networking and also enhance the networking technologies. It is also important to make the old telecommunication technologies valuable and increase their reliability and also modernize them by increase their mobility.

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