Monday, October 24, 2011

How To Configure Hotmail for Domain With Sitelutions

Spending only few bucks today, you can easily establish your presence on the Internet and start your business. Of course, you should remember a basic but important lesson that you will only have what you have paid for. A serious business needs “pro” fundamental factors which will surely let you run out of investment quickly however. So, you should take advantage of free but reliable services to economize your expense.
Why few dollars can help you build a successful business? In this case, I mean you can build a blog/portal or even a sale page and a branded email system with no cost. Domain is only the things to have to purchase. Using this way, recently I have taken part in online marketing and I think everything is going well. In this article I will initially show you how to build your fame on the Internet with nearly zero cost by instructing the way to configure branded email system (or customizing your domain with some free email service) using free DNS service Sitelutions.
Email for domain is really important today since each time you send a message to a customer or partner, you will also advertise your brand/website. Using a customized domain email address, your identity will be surely evaluated higher than usual. Do you remember one of my advise for those who want to apply a Google AdSense account that he/she should use a customized domain email address to register, the change to be successful will be more.

Google App or Hotmail for Domain?

Today, you can choose one among many free email for domain services. However Google App and Hotmail (or Windows Live) are the best choice. If you need less than 50 email addresses, I recommend Google App service. You can apply here. If you apply for a Google App account with free package, you can only create less than 15 email addresses. The link I mention you will be redirected you to Google App offer for Education organization.
Most webmasters prefer Google App to Hotmail in this case. But why don’t you give Windows Live an opportunity? I am sure Windows Live for domain is wonderful and honestly I think it is no longer behind Google App. Windows Live allows you create total 500 email address and support range of other userful services such as online editing tools, share files, photos, archive data, instant message and more. You can apply here.

Configure Hotmail for Domain with Sitelutions

You can use the default DNS service within your domain ‘s control panel to “connect” your domain with Google App or Windows Live Mail. Almost registrars including Register, NameCheap, Godaddy and others provide their own control panels to manage domain. However, I choose a separate DSN service for more option while managing my domain. EveryDNS is no longer available, Zoneedit is only free for 2 domains, so I recommend Sitelutions, a long time free and reliable DNS services to manage your domain with more choice.
STEP 1: Register an account at Sitelusions here. Activate your account.
STEP 2: Login your domain control panel and change the current DNS to Sitelutions ( …., the same with ns2,ns3,ns4.)

STEP 3: Login Sitelutions. Choose Domain Control Center and hit Add domain. You can transfer your domain to Sitelutions or register a new one there. Might be you have to wait few minutes to some hours before your new DNS will be activated.
Windows Live for custom domain
STEP 4: Apply for a Windows Live for custom domain here. Click on the Get Started link. You need to assign a domain administrator for your account. Use your current Live email address or register a new one. At the next page, you need to fill up your information to register.
STEP 5. After successfully registering, at first you need to set up your mail service for custom domain. Here are what you need to configure in Sitelutions to verify your domain owner and get started using Windows Live for your custom domain.
Live mail for custom domain
STEP 6. Login back to Sitelutions. Choose root domain and hit Advanced Config & DDNS. 

configure Sitelutions for Windows Live mail
At the MX Records option, choose Add Record. Add the same record (MX server) that Windows Live requires. Remember to add a DOT at the end. See the image below.
configure Sitelutions for Windows Live mail
That is all. You need to wait few minutes before Windows Live informs that your account has been successfully activated and set up.
STEP 7: You should customize the link to login your email provided by Windows Live. Back to Sitelutions and create a new sub-domain such as or so. Then create a CNAME record for sub-domain and point to
Congratulation! Your domain will be severed with a wonderful email service and you can provide your partners, friends free, up to 500 addresses!

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