Monday, October 24, 2011

Install Google Plus for Android Outside US

Google Plus or Google + is becoming hotter day after day. As an early Google Plus user, I feel Google Plus is really interesting and perhaps it will be the Facebook killer, or at least the arch rival of the current # 1 social network. Though Google + is operating in the close beta phrase, the newest promising social network seems to be extraordinary. Tons of Google ‘s fans, who can not get a Google Plus invite, are eagerly waiting for the first time they can “circle” others, update status and more within the social network.
Google is testing their product, you can use a number of supporting platforms and extra services however in which, as far as I know, the nicest Google + feature is that it supports Android very well.
Google Plus
Nevertheless, although Google has released a particular version for Android operating system, only users inside US can download and install it.  Perhaps as a Google + and Android user living outside US, you are waiting to get the application as soon as possible.
Some friends in my country said they can not find out Google + application on Android Market after a long time of searching. However, in fact, Google + application is still available on Android Market, perhaps some minutes after Google Plus went public. In case you are an US resident and want to download Google + application for your Android device, just visit this link.
Smartphone is more popular than ever, especially Android ecosystem. So it is natural with the presence of exclusive Google + application version for Android, earlier than other platforms.
Google Plus application
Although Google Plus application for Android is still an experiment, it is really polished and works seamlessly. There are total 5 icons to explore including: Stream, Photos, Circles, Profiles and Huddle. Using this application, you can control your profile on the social network easily. One of nicest feature is Instant Upload. Whenever you take a picture on Android, your photos will be automatically uploaded to your Google Plus folder. Then you can choose your own way to use these pictures.
Download Google + (Google Plus, G+) application for Android
As I mentioned above, there is no hassle to download it if you are living in US. However,  you will be out of the party in case you are a guy coming from Asia, Euro or other regions. You are not alone in this situation for sure.
I tried to look for a possible solution for this matter last few hours and lastly found some ways.
Method 1: “Mask” Google
You can “mask” Google in this case but no worry about any illegal problem and it works well with a little effort.
Step 1: Access Google Market as regular and look for MarketEnabler. Just install the free tiny application.
Google Plus application for Android
Step 2: Enable and run MarketEnabler. Hit Setting list and choose T-Mobile. In the appearing popup, choose f–e this provider now.
Google Plus application for Android
Now your smartphone will connect to Google as a… subscriber of the popular  service provider T-Mobile.
Step 3: Searching and install Google + for Android without any drawback.
Google + application for Android
Method 2: Download .APK file
This method is also simple. Just download this specific file and start installing Google + for your Android device.
Click here to download Google + .apk file.
I am really interested in Google + and I guess this social network will soon replace or at least has a reasonable percentage on the market in comparison with Facebook.
Though Google + does  not open up now, you can drop a comment here including your Gmail address to receive my invite! Hope see you soon on Google Plus social network.

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