Monday, October 24, 2011

How To Update Facebook and Twitter from Google Plus and Vice Versa

Google Plus is now the most wanted social network with many advanced features. However, perhaps almost of us are not able to leave Facebook and others, Twitter for instance, in a short time ahead. I am using both Facebook and Google Plus to connect with friends and relatives because some of them like Google Plus and some others still put theirs loyal on Facebook. It is a bit of wasting time and effort when we have to spend on two places but with only one goal. So it is wonderful if there is some kinds of combinatorial solution these social networks.
Today, I will introduce you two handy ways to update Facebook and Twitter inside Google Plus and vice versa. Nothing special here but only two Chrome  and Firefox extensions.
When you can lump these social network into all in one place, you will get many benefits from it. Not only you can receive and follow information, link, photo and status from friends on other social networks inside Google Plus but also easily spread your words to all of your followers on different sites. If you are a marketer, definitely you will appreciate it very much since it will help you save a lot of time.
social update Facebook from Google Plus
Today, Chrome and Firefox are very popular browsers with various extension that can add more features to them. Two following extensions is promised to help you combine Facebook, Twitter and Google into one place only.

1. Publish sync for Google + & Facebook (Green Edition)

The plugin is developed from a well-known developer who has already got lot of attention with the PhotoZoom, an extension for Facebook that will instantaneously enlarge any picture in this social network when you hover in it. Download the plug-in here .
After installing Publish sync for Google+ & Facebook (Green Edition), you can simultaneously update your status, link, video and photo on Google + and Facebook and Twitter. In fact, the plugin also support more social network than that, including LinkedIn, Digg, MySpace and some Chinese ones.  There will be a green leaf icon on the header of the bar on Facebook and Google +.  Hit this button to get started authenticate your social network accounts and synchronization process. You can view the connection status here, enable the social you want to connect and the others you are no longer interested in.
view content Facebook on Google Plus with plugin
When you want to publish a status, photo or others on Facebook or Google +, you just hover the status compile box. There will be an option check box under the Publish (Share) button that allows you to share (synchronize) the content on more platform.
I tested the plugin and everything seemed well. However, this plugin does not allow you to view contents from other social network, just support update them only.

2. gplusplus

This is a better plugin than the above since it can help you view content from other social networks and also allowing you to update status from one network Google +  to various sites.
The name of this plugin, in my opinion, can be written like Google ++ (GPlusplus) works on both Firefox and Chrome browsers. But the downside is that it only supports Google +. After installing this plugin, your Google + will be able to update content (Feed) from Facebook and Twitter in the main stream.
update Facebook status from Google Plus
There is a bit of confusing when you want to update content inside Google Plus to other social networks. At least, you have to take 2 steps to do that. At first, after you fill up the content on the writing box, you have to choose the social networks you will update from Google +, then hit the Google ++ Share button. And then, at the second step, you will have to hit the Share button to update the contents on Google +. I think it will be more convenient for users if the plugin be able to integrate deeper with Google +.
Meanwhile, there is a little of latency during the synchronization process. Although you can view the Facebook, Twitter ‘s contents inside Google +, the process is not in the real-time. Also, Google ++ plugin can help you update only status on other social networks. Other kinds of content including image, video and link…  will not appear on the main stream of Google Plus. I think G ++ need improving a little for a better solution.
You can download Gplusplus here.

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