Thursday, October 6, 2011

Unlock USB Data Card- Use any sim for internet

Are you looking for a broadband modem that will allow you to access Internet on the go? So there will be two types of broadband – Lock and unlock. Lock data cards are those that will permit you to access only one Internet service provider (ISP). For instance, if you’re currently using MTNL SIM a particular dongle, you can use only the services of MTNL. On the other hand, unlock USB broadband modem is available to all service provider not stick to one network provider.
If you have an unlock data card, you can switch any network. For using any network or SIM card, you have to enter the unlock code ‘NCK’ once. The NCK code is suitable only with Vodafone, ZTE and Huawei products. An unlock data card will also permit you to use 3G modems globally.

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