Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Finally Gmail have its new look

After many days of previewing Gmail’s new look, finally it has been launched. Its very fast loading and have better fit to any screen. Not only look has been changed for Gmail but some features have been also updated for all users of Google mail.

Here is the list of new features added with new look:

(1) New languages for Gmail on iPhone and Android
(2) Get through your email faster with Simpler Priority Inbox
(3) A new better look for Gmail and new updates to Contacts
(4) One Click Google Buzz in Gmail
(5) Enhanced security of you mails as Gmail now even more secure: HTTPS by default
(6) Storage limit has been extended to store more and more emails with attachments.
(7) Unique and Improved Themes
(8) Direct Translation of your mails of unknown languages.
(9) And many more…

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