Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Configure Your iPhone for an Exchange Mailbox

Steps to Configure Your iPhone For an Exchange Mailbox

Step 1 : First of all you need to make an account for this. To make the account on your iPhone just go to Desktop -> Click Settings -> Under Settings -> Select Mail, Contacts, Calenders.
Step 2 : Select Add Account.
Step 3 : Now Select Microsoft Exchange.
Step 4 : Now just enter this below information :
- Email: Enter full email address.
-Domain: Enter domain name (Optional)
-Username: Enter the User Name. (Ordinarily follows the format user_domain.com)
-Password: Enter the password for the mailbox.
-Description: Enter Exchange Account.
-Click on Next.
Step 5 : With clicking Next, You will be questioned to enter the server name, So Enter the Server name as mobile.myexchangeemail.com and Click on Next.
Step 6 : Now Set the following
- Mail: ON
- Contacts: OFF
- Calendars: OFF
-Click on Save.
That’s all. Now you can send and receive mails from your iPhone as you could do with any Blackberry or PDA.

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