Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How to Lock your Mouse and Keyboard

If you have a computer at home and there are small children in your house, then maybe when you turn on the computer your child is playing with pressing a keyboard button or mouse, and sometimes something unwanted happens, like a sudden there was a error or missing files which leads to improper working of the computer.

Well if you want that does not happen again so I got Tips to lock the functions of your keyboard or mouse.  The trick is to use a software called  Kid-Key-Lock.

Kid-Key-Lock is ideal to use to prevent children or others from accidentally pressing a button either keyboard or mouse.

When Kid-Key-Lock is running, an icon indicator will appear in your system tray.  When you click on the tray icon pop-up menu will appear. All program functions, including the setup dialog box accessible from this menu.This program can work on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 beta.

Kidkeylock features:

  • Very easy to setup and run
  • Easy to access programs
The function of the mouse that can be key:

  • click the left mouse
  • click the right mouse
  • middle mouse button
  • double click
  • mouse scroll   

Keyboard lock options:

  • locking standard characters (letters, numbers, special characters, etc.)
  • Buttons such as navigation buttons, keys, function keys, delete, home, etc.
  • Shortcut keys (like alt-tab buttons, window buttons, etc.

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