Saturday, September 8, 2012

Learn Windows 8 Shortcut Keys

The window key in your keyboard can do many things with new Windows 8 operating system.The new Windows 8 help the user with short cut keys to do many tasks that are very difficult to do in previous versions. Microsoft has recently released the new shortlist for windows 8.

Here is the complete list of shortcut keys:

Charms Shortcut Keys

Windows key: You can start typing to search for an app, just like the Windows 7 Start menu
Win + C: Opens the Charms menu, Use it to Search, Share, and change settings.
Win + H: Opens the Metro Share panel.
Win + I: Use this to change settings for the Current app, Volume, wireless and other settings.
Win + K: Change settings to connect to projector or TV
Win + Q: App Search screen.

Search Shortcut Keys

Win + F: Metro File search screen.
Win + Q: Metro App Search screen.
Win + W: Metro Settings search screen.

Apps (Metro) Shortcut Keys

Alt + F4: Close the current application
Win + . (Period): Moves the current Metro App to Right side of the screen.
Win + Shift + . (Period): Moves the current Metro App to left side of the screen.
Win + Z: Opens the current Metro Application’s App Bar.
Win + Tab: Opens the current Metro App’s switcher menu.

Desktop Shortcut Keys

Win + B: To switch to classic mode.
Win + D: Opens old Windows desktop.
Win + M: Minimize all Windows.
Win + R: To open Run box.
Win + U: Switch to classic Windows desktop (launch the Ease of Access Center).
Win + , (Comma): Aero Peek at the desktop
Win + Arrow Keys: Switch to classic Windows desktop (Aero Snap)

Other Shortcut Keys

Win + E: To Launch Windows Explorer.
Win + J: To switch focus between Metro applications.
Win + L: To Lock screen.
Win + O: Locks device orientation.
Win + P: To change display.
Win + X: To Lauch Start Menu.
Win + Y: Temporarily peek at the desktop.
Win + Page Up / Down: Moves tiles to the left / right.
Win + Enter: To Launch Narrator

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