Thursday, September 8, 2011

How to apply animation on text or objects in Power Point 2010?

It is very easy to apply animation on text or object in Microsoft Power Point 2010. Animations are applied to emphasize certain things, other objective is to avoid boredom of audience and keep their interest intact through whole presentation. It also helps you to control flow of information, for example if you are explaining a certain point and you do not want your audience to get distract by next points then by help of animation you can stop next points.
You can apply animation on not only text but also on shapes, tables, pictures and other object. The visual effects that are included in Power Point 2010 are exits, entrance, changes in Font Sizes and Colours.  You have the option to apply one or multiple animation on one object. Both methods are described below.
Four types of animation effects are available in PowerPoint 2010.
Motion Paths
Applying Single Animation
1.     Open your desired Power Point Presentation, to which you want to apply animation.
2.     Highlight / Select the text or object you wish to animate'
3.     Click on the Animation tab, from “Animation” Group, apply your desired animation.
4.     To see more Animation Styles, click Red Highlighted Button
And you will see a range of different animation listed under the categories mentioned above that is Entrance, Exit, Emphasis and Motion Paths. To access detailed animation choose “More” options, as shown in the bottom of the picture.
 Applying Multiple Animation to a Text or Object
If you wish to apply “Multiple” animation that is more than one, to a single text then perform steps listed below.
1.     Click on the animation tab
2.     Under the “Advanced Animation” Group, click on More Animation. A list of Animations will be opened; you can apply your desired one.

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