Thursday, October 3, 2013

How to Join Downloaded Movies Part Together

If you are downloading DVD Rip movie files from websites like you want to join the part files like part .001, part002, part003 together to play the movie properly. If you try to play the file individually, it may not work always. So it's better to have an application that can easily join the part movie files together to form a full movie file in most popular file formats like mkv, avi etc

There's a free software called HJsplit the will do the task in a simple way. Download HJ-Split from Here. After downloading your part files from the website, open HJ-Split and select Join. To join a set of files open the .001 file using the input file button. Make sure that the other files ( part 002, 003 ) are in the same folder. So they will be found automatically. Click start after you select the output directory.

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